LVF.LVX LLC (Art in Suburbia Project)

LVF.LVX ( reserves the right to modify our Terms and Conditions.





By using our services, you agree to the Terms & Conditions:



All art submissions will be reviewed and juried based on the following criteria: theme relevence, originality, aesthetic, and quality.

If selected, and if artist chooses, his/her artwork may be sold at an event, a private viewing, local business, or exhibition with a signed Agreement from the Artist allowing LVF.LVX or Partner to sell his/her work through any channel for the duration of the agreed period. Artist Members will receive 60% Commission for any artwork sold within our "members only spaces" (showroom, walls, galleries, etc) or Partner spaces; Nonmembers will receive 50%. Artists leasing a studio may sell artwork from inside the studio itself, in which artist will receive 90% commission for any sales. Studio rentals include a 1 year Tier 1 Membership with Art in Suburbia. Artist agrees to publish photo(s) promoting LVF.LVX on their social media sites following any sale of work. Artist has the option to donate any unsold artwork to LVF.LVX at his/her discretion with prior written consent from artist.



Artist guarantees that all artwork be in a condition ready to be exhibited or sold, and assumes responsibility for any special exhibition needs.

The artist must deliver selected work/s within 7 days of notice to a specified location. The artist will be notified of the facilities address and details.

The artist is responsible for packing the art work safely and labeling it according to LVF.LVX's requirements. All packaging and transportation costs incurred in the delivery of the artwork to the facility will be paid for by the artist.




Artist agrees not to intentionally damage or lose artwork prior to or during the Exhibition.

Any loss, theft, or damage caused while on premise or during delivery shall be the artist’ sole responsibility. Artist hall hold LVF.LVX,LLC, its owners, directors, and family members free and harmless from all liability, judgements, costs, damages, claims or demands, including reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of participating, exhibiting, presenting, installing, removing, or otherwise handling artwork. Artwork/s will be insured while in the premise during the entirety of the Exhibition period until delivery.

Out of State and International Artists must include insurance and delivery confirmation on their packages. Out of State and International Artists are solely responsible for all shipping & handling fees associated with mailing the packages. Out of State Artists and International Artists will ship packages at their sole discretion and at their own risk, and will indemnify LVF.LVX of any damages, loss, or delays from post. 


Artist agrees for LVF.LVX Gallery to handle all artwork that includes hanging, removing, packing, and/or storing for pick up. Unless prior authorized with written consent between Artist and LVF.LVX LLC, no other person/s will be allowed to pick up or deliver artworks.



Submission Fees & Membership Dues

There is a $10 submission fee for up to 5 images for non-members per category entered.

There is a charge of  $10 per each additional 5 images for additional category submission for non-members.

Additional submissions for Entries will not be considered unless the required submission fee is paid.

If an artist’ work is selected, the artist may choose 1) to become a member of Tier 2 or above at least five (10) days prior to the Exhibition to receive representation for and other exclusive benefits; or 2) pay the $100 exhibition fee, or 3) volunteer for a total of 16 hours during exhibition month. Volunteer actvities are based on need and may include but are not limited to: promotional street team, LVF.LVX Gallery & Boutique assistance, bar tending during special events, newsletter, donation of services by approval.


All applicable fees, including entry fees and membership dues are non-refundable.

Membership lasts for 12 months from sign-on date with option to renew at 10% discount every year after.

Membership 2 Tier and above waives the exhibition fee for one (1) exhibition in a 12 month period. Fees for participating in additional exhibitions will be discounted 25% for all members. Membership Tier Upgrades will also be provided at a discounted rate of 25%. Membership benefits may be found here.



Your Submissions

Artist retains all copyright to the images and written works submitted but agree to grant us a perpetual, royalty free, non exclusive, sublicensable right including, a license to use, reproduce, publish, translate, distribute, make available to the public and exercise all sublicensable copyright and publicity rights in respect of your submission. If you do not wish to grant the above rights do not submit your Entry.

By submitting your submission to us you warrant that your submission: 1) is your own original work and you have the right to make it available to us for all the purposes identified above; 2) that you will indemnify us against all legal fees/damages and all associated costs that we may incur as a result of your breach of the above warranty; 3) that your submission is not defamatory and does not infringe any law; and that you are over the age of 18 or have submitted a Parental Consent form. To obtain a Parental Consent form, please email: with Subject line: Parental Consent form request.

Submissions can be made via the online entry forms or by directly signing and submitting this form to


Category Themes are open to artist interpretation and the direction of curation will be based on overall demand. Categories may be added, merged, or eliminated based on demand at any time.


Each Entry is made up of at least one (1) image or piece along with a short biography, artist statement of work presented, and information such as the title, the medium, and year created following the basic requirements of the entry form. In-person appointments are available at the standard cost, $10 per every 5 pieces/works shown.


Installations, performances, and short film submissions must be emailed to with subject line: PAID SUBMISSION FOR JURIED EXHIBITION. Please include one image in the submission form and making payment prior to sending email.


If initially selected, Artist and LVF will meet for an interview to discuss and inspect artwork in depth, market value for pricing, payment of exhibition fee, and final details of the event. Artist must email to confirm the title/s, medium/s, dimensions and year/s created for chosen works via email within six (6) days of final acceptance (whether by email or during interview). 


Only successful Entry submissions with payment will be accepted.

You will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance within 14 days after each Entry deadline (as applicable).


All Entries are reviewed by Executive Director, L. Victoria Ferrer, LVF.LVX, LLC.




Artists who rent studio spaces ("Resident Artists") agrees to abide by the Sublease contract and Liability Waiver.

Studio rentals include space amenities, as well as a 12 month Tier 1 Membership with Art in Suburbia. Any artist who sells artworks within their subleased studio space will receive 90% commission, 10% commision to go to LVF.LVX Gallery. Payments will be made using CashApp $LVFLVX.

Resident artists leasing space may be allowed one (1) other person during off hours. Accomadations for additional guests may be made with prior written approval from LVF.LVX LLC aat least 24 hours in advance. All guests are the responsibility of the sublessor. Guest/s must sign in and out whenever they enter the building during off-hours.



If you have any further questions about membership or art submissions, feel free to email us at Questions about Gallery space or studio showing, contact