The Exhibition focuses on the evolution of feminism and the irony and responsibility that comes with female empowerment.

We will draw on the importance of inclusivity — from traditional/conventional women, feminist women, male supporters, those with concerns about

the direction of feminism, and women who struggle with gender identity. 


Participating French Artist & Guest Speaker, Anne Plaisance, will discuss some of the complexities in women's issues in the 21st century and how she's

using art to change women's lives.



Other Female Artists on Exhibition include:


Elena Brunner

Helen Jacobson

Linda Ferrer

& More


The Exhibition will run from July 6, 2018 until July 28. 2018.


There will be a Silent Auction during the Exhibition Run. 

Winners for the Silent Auction will be announced on Sun. July 29, 2018.


G A L L E R Y  H O U R S:  THURS- SAT  12pm - 5pm & by Appointment.




Open Doors Exhibitions (The ODE Gallery)

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